Visual identity for the expo Draai het om

Every year, a team of children’s curators creates an exhibition at Concordia in Enschede (The Netherlands). They choose the artwork, write the texts, interview the artists, and give show tours. In the hands-on exhibition Draai het om (Turn it around), all kinds of things about recycling and upcycling can be explored, and the many ways in which nature and plastic are a source of inspiration or material to artists can be discovered.

The exhibition consists of two opposing worlds: the green world and the plastic world. Tymen Sliuzas created a soundscape in the green world to accompany Anuli Croon‘s large mural. In the plastic world, artist Inbar Damhuis made something beautiful out of plastic.

The two contrasting worlds and also the artists’ works were ingredients that I arranged in a flip-side illustration.


Visual identity

Challenge cards
Artworks for social media

Together with the Superrrkunstkids and artists, the visitors were challenged to think about their own contribution to a greener world. A set of 10 small challenge cards invites you to engage in playful activities to clean your neighborhood of waste, organize a clothes swap with your friends, or reuse things that you’d normally throw away.